5:43 AM – September 7, 2016

Good morning! Yes, it’s been a month since we did this.  I can hardly figure out where to start, but let’s just agree August was a time not to be over wordy.  It was just too hot for words and now that we can breath again it is much easier to organize and focus.

There are so many things in transition right now, with kids being back in school (all parents cheer in unison), corn being picked, temperatures getting cooler, daylight getting noticeably shorter, all while being at the door step of all the hunting seasons and holidays quickly approaching.  To me, it’s almost like the land seems to just pull us all inward just as the trees shed their leaves and the grasses lose their summer vigor in preparation for the winter months ahead.

This is certainly my favorite time of year and I enjoyed my first hunt of the season this week as a friend was nice to include me and a few buddies in one of their opening day dove shoots on Monday.  A great day it was for sure with crabs, chicken, corn and some excellent shooting. Thank you Matt if you happen to read this, (that would make five readers).  Although the hunting season is near, I have much remaining on my to do list (a previous blog post) in getting ready for the waterfowl to ascend on the Eastern Shore, which hopefully will occur this year in greater numbers than it did last year.  For now, every waterfowler knows we will simply start driving around looking at the sky more and glancing at every creek we pass by to see if the birds are here yet.  Onward!

Shoot me a message today on email at ben@svnlandgroup.com or on Twitter @Benontheshore with what makes this change of season your favorite.


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