5:55 AM – June 26, 2017

Today is Monday and I am glad to see it. “I have never seen one like this before” someone once wrote. (I will let you Google who wrote that!) The weekends of boating and beach with children, chicken, crabs and the long Summer photoperiod are catching up to me. Kidding! But for the eight of you reading this, that is my attempt at humor this morning. Sunrise was at 5:41 this morning, so we are about 20 minutes into the day. As you know, our days are now getting shorter as the Summer Solstice was last week and we enjoyed the longest day of the year. I regret missing the opportunity to participate in any celebration of the day or partake in any pagan chants around a bonfire (second attempt at humor).

I think in retrospect, I did quietly acknowledge the day in taking a few minutes to inspect the sunflowers and crops growing on the farm that evening. The sunflowers are really leafing out now and are approximately two inches tall. I am crossing my fingers that the deer herd will let them grow and flower. I was most surprised to see how high the corn had grown in only a few days since seeing it. There are thousands of ways to mark time and corn seems to be a very good way to mark Summer. I recently heard a friend say, “Corn is like the hourglass of Summer”. I thought it was an idea worth sharing and I agree that it is a good measure of Summertime, as these weeks of sun and fun do seem to disappear in a blink. Now, as the corn plants are starting to rise over our Eastern Shore farms we can only ask for a strong yield and good conditions to harvest later this Summer when the hourglass has emptied. 

Have a Wonderful Summer! Be Well!


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