We provide commercial real estate knowledge and expertise that transcends typical brokerage services. We’re in the business of listening, understanding, and adding value. Below please find our list of advisory services covering various asset classes and specialties. Our goal is to listen, collaborate and serve your commercial real estate needs with Character, Competency and Certainty.


Since 1997, Ben Alder has worked with a myriad of land types including small grain, timberland, conservation lands, as well as, residential and commercial development land. These diverse experiences provide a solid framework from which to work when working to identify land or provide advisory services to clients. When looking to buy, sell or lease un-entitled raw land for future development, immediately break ground on fully entitled land, receive assistance in site selection, or land bank for speculative purposes, the Sperry Van Ness Land Team compliments Ben’s existing background providing an even strong foundation from which to build your project. Sperry Van Ness advisors arm clients with all the information that could affect their investment such as site specifics like location, population shifts, cycles of consumer behavior, development opportunities and new zoning laws to name just a few.


Today’s land use regulations in coastal regions like the Chesapeake Bay watershed, are rapidly evolving towards more restrictive uses for land and increasing requirements for mitigating storm water, protecting habitats and reducing impacts to water quality. Having worked since 1997 in land use issues as a biologist, my experience brought to the crossroads of land use decisions and management from various perspectives both on the conservation side and development side. Through these unique experiences I have garnered a understanding of the creative nature developers must maintain in their projects, as well as how regulators can rarely take a one size fits all regulatory approach to permitting and approvals for development.

In addition to the entitlement process I have worked directly to represent landowners throughout the conservation process in which they trade or sell development values for direct monetary consideration or other indirect strategies through tax breaks. My understanding of the easement process and array of programs available allow me provide consulting services to the identify, develop, and implement conservation easements on land.


Our team provides advisory services to landowners interested in managing their farm to maximize net returns and management of their property throughout the year. These services include developing and administering farm leases, and contracts for property management including grounds maintenance and accounting services as requested on a client by client basis. Through our relationship with SVN-Miller Property Management, service contracts to manage farms can be tailored to meet client specific needs.


We partner with Orion Land and Wildlife Management who provide comprehensive land and wildlife management and are based in Maryland, working with landowners throughout the Mid-Atlantic region to improve wildlife habitat on their farms. They can design and install shallow-water field impoundments for an ultimate waterfowl hunting experience. They also assist with planting high quality food plots for Whitetail and Sika deer hunting. Designing new and restoring existing warm season grass cover to enhance quail, turkey and small game habitat. They can also assist you with all your custom farming and forestry needs and help you navigate the maze of federal, state, and non-profit conservation programs that deliver habitat on farms.


We partner with Vision Forestry, LLC who is a full service consulting forestry firm located in Salisbury, MD. The company was created in 2000 by Neil Sampson and Larry Walton to provide land management services to clients seeking sustainable forest management. The company was contracted by The Conservation Fund to implement the Chesapeake Forest Project sustainable forest management plan on the 29,000-acre portion of the land that was to be gifted to the State of Maryland. In addition to expanding its role in the Chesapeake Forest in 2006, Vision Forestry has attracted other clients that desire to manage their lands sustainably, either through conservation easements or participation in one or more of the existing forest certification programs such as the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), or the American Tree Farm System (ATFS). Today, the firm manages some 55,000 acres for a variety of clients in Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia.