• Network of rural land brokers and natural resource professionals
  • Working relationships with national / regional and global timber and agricultural investment groups
  • Land Group team has educational background in natural resources, land management, forestry and surveying
  • Experience working to build regional and national teams to serve clients both private and institional


Glatfelter Ownership - Delaware - SVN Land Group

Glatfelter Ownership

+/- 8,000 acres of pine-plantation timber land across 63 tracts in Sussex County and Kent County DE. Portfolio consists of non-eased land, eased land with private hunting rights, and eased land with public hunting rights. The portfolio value is between $10 – $12 million.

Heartwood Forest Ownership - Maryland - SVN Land Group

Heartwood Forest Ownership

23 high quality timberland and recreational investment properties located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.The tracts range in size from 60± to 852± acres, with prices from $159,000 to $1,430,000. A well managed timber resource, various unique conservation values, and a strong recreational component characterize all of the properties. Each tract is accompanied by a Working Forest Conservation Easement promoting sustainable forest management and restricting development.

Nanticoke Headwaters Ownership - Delaware - SVN Land Group

Nanticoke Headwaters Ownership

Approximately 1500 acres of managed forest being subdivided into parcels 25 to 75 acres in size marketed through a retail sales project.


Disposition of Perdue Land Assets - Maryland - SVN Land Group

Disposition of Perdue Land Assets

Contracted and sold more than 800 acres in Maryland consisting of timberland and productive agricultural land. Sales exceeded $4.2M.

Allen Harim Land Leasing - Delaware - SVN Land Group

Allen Harim Land Leasing

Conducted bid process for productive agricultural land on more than 3,500 acres in Sussex County, Delaware. Generated bids from more than 40 farm operations in the region yielding successful leasing for agricultural and hunting rights.

Algonquin Power Land Acquisition - Maryland - SVN Land Group

Algonquin Power Land Acquisition

Identified and conducted land acquisition for Algonquin Power to secure fee simple purchase of farmland for 800 acre solar installation in Somerset County, MD. Sales exceeded $5M.