5:28 AM – July 27, 2016
So we are cruising back from the Northern shore of the Annemessex after fishing.  We were now on duck hunting spot recon. My little fish was in his element and as we turned into the first cove he sat up and started pointing towards the shallow water ahead.
He encouraged me (told me) to head for the island emerging in the falling tide.  The exposed white beaches were visible from Google Earth and I had seen them before scouting ducks last winter, but walking out to the islands in late January never played well with my internal temperature gauge.
On course for the beach, we entered only about six inches of water so I was reminded of how functional a 16 foot duck boat actually is in skinny water.  Grabbing the push pole we made it up to the island.  Once beaching the boat we immediately hit the soft sand.  The shoreline was a combination of sand and former salt marsh making for a hard bottom. The islands formed here off the Annemessex are products of Hurricane Sandy and the mean sea level rise occurring throughout the Chesapeake.
The quick transition from boating to island exploration was exciting and the little fish was jumping almost out of his skin. It was beautiful, and it was Monday morning, which forced me to recognize how fortunate we are to live in such an amazing place.
After a bit of exploration and a few unsuccessful casts of our seine net (the bait fish were faster), we headed back to the boat.
While pushing off Dash looked back and said “this is our place Dad, it’s like Paradise Island, we will find our way back here from our foot prints.”
It was a lot of words from such a little dude and I still work to process them (writing this blog I thought would help). I am quite sure the tide returned that evening removing our footprints, but that morning we had on Paradise Island is solidified in my mind.  We will find our way back on another low tide for sure, but for today I will enjoy the thought little fish has of our footprints on the beach.
The sun is now rising and I bet it looks amazing from “Paradise Island”.  Send me your favorite Sunrise today on Twitter @benontheshore.


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