5:31 AM – July 6, 2016

Good Morning!  I am still waiting for the coffee maker to complete it’s exercise, so I am still getting this ship from the dock. The first cup of coffee for me is critical, once in hand I can proceed.

Lately we have been hearing much about BREXIT and the impact Great Britain’s action to leave the European Union will have on the rest of the world.  I attempted to read everything on the internet about the subject but I only got to page two.  Wow, there are a lot of opinions! Bottom line is people want independence and now the entrenched, over leveraged systems of government and monetary markets are reeling to figure it all out.  I think someone said a little revolution is not a bad thing.

In response to these events the value of gold rose by nearly 5% to $1315 an ounce, some analysts suggest it might reach $1400.  While I am pleased for the British people in their moment of revolution and grasp at independence, I wanted to take this opportunity to remind all my European readers (Google Analytics tells me I have two!) to buy something else that is tangible and has great utility in times of uncertainty, DIRT.  BUY DIRT.  It is an asset to protect your money with, as overtime its value correlates in direct opposition to inflation and downward trends of monetary markets where you can literally watch your money disappear in a day of trading.  At least after a rough day of trading with your farm, you can still go out, check your crops and take a walk.

We have written about these facts regarding land investing before in the link provided here:


And just for the record, WE SELL DIRT.  Happy to help you even if you are not British and glad you are leaving the European Union! Cheers to Independence, I think we just celebrated that!



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