5:43 AM – JUNE 30, 2016

In consideration of the weather report and the fact that my 8 year old son is ready to turn into a fish, I thought it fitting to take a day for us to hit the river.  I grew up largely a swamp fisherman teetering on cypress knees and one well placed concrete block that happened to be in the perfect location for casting out beyond the trees in search of the trophy Largemouth.  Even now, I wonder who placed that block, as I never encountered another soul in my little fishing spot.  While my delusions of Tracker bass boats, Bill Dance and Sunday fishing shows as a ten year old had little influence on my fishing motivations during my 20’s and 30’s, a good friend and his boys have in my 40’s.

Over the past few years we were fortunate to fish-hard (meaning not a casual fishing experience) on many trips with my buddy on his boat with his two wild Indians for the saltwater version of the Largemouth I fell entranced with as a ten year old.  It was on these trips my Son became part fish, obsessed with sharks and started showing gill marks behind his ears, (no really, you can Google it, Evolution does weird things).

So now in keeping with my swamp rat upbringing, I am taking the duck boat out to throw a line after a few fish with my 8 year old son.  I understand from the lunch crowd that guys have been doing well river fishing in past few weeks catching limit sized Rock. Fingers crossed this guidance will be true.

We are always looking for that perfect “well placed concrete block” on which to balance and cast out beyond the trees.  Recently, that concrete block took different form and  I am grateful for the connection my friend and his boys helped to create for me with my little fish.  No matter if he enjoys the quaint and comfortable surroundings of a freshwater mill pond or the open Bay, this habit of chasing fish is a good one to hold close and not skip for nearly two decades.  I am looking forward to looking inland today!

Thanks for reading… Onward!


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