“Find your place” has been a theme of our current auction for several timber tracts and farms around the Eastern Shore.  But this tag line has true meaning to anyone that finds a spot they like to walk, hike, hunt, fish, kayak, or simply just be present.  There is an experience that many of us are lucky to have with certain locations where we feel comfortable, relaxed or even inspired.

A definition of “place” suggests it is an area with definite or indefinite boundaries; a portion of space.  When I consider place I think of it being much more indefinite than defined by a certain road or a specific field, to me “place” gives us a feeling which some call a “sense of place”.  To me “sense of place” is the character of the locations we seek which elicit these moments of satisfaction in our busy everyday lives.  It is this sense of place which I believe drives the majority of land buyers to find the property they purchase.

Today, our team at Alder Land Group looks at thousands of acres in a given week and with all of the technological geographic information systems, Google Earth, and the myriad of other internet based resources available to us, getting an overview of the land, timber resources and soils can often be done from our desktop.  This approach does not exactly create the same impression as walking the tract as the sun comes up and morning fog is lifting off the field, but our analysis of property is often required by banks and investors to be more objective.  However, every landowner knows not every piece of ground is the same and there is a different “place” in every place, as each piece of dirt is different.    This fact often leads the land broker to the term “unique” but since I have a lack of trust in the word “unique”, I suggest to buyers, “don’t listen to what I say…just go walk it.”  That is often the best advice I can give any land buyer, just go walk it and find your place.  See what it means to you.

On November 13, we are offering 12 properties in 20 Tracts for auction and the opportunity to find your place on a wide range of properties from 9 acres up to nearly 500 acres, some with waterfront and some with mature timber.  There is something for everyone in this land event and it can all be found at ALDERLANDGROUP.COM.



The SVN Land Group is a business unit of SVN Miller Commercial Real Estate formed to focus brokerage and advisory services on land based properties in Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia. SVN Land Group (SLG) brings together brokers and technical advisors with land specialties in agriculture, forestry, residential & commercial development, poultry farms, as well as hunting and conservation oriented properties. The SVN Land Group mission is to provide a lens of experience in land management, renewable energy and land use decisions for the land owner, farmer, investment group and or recreational buyer to reference in making decisions on how to manage existing land based assets or guide future land investments.

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