5:24 AM – July 5, 2016

First taste of fresh coffee is accomplished – now it’s time for some witty, meaningful prose. Ok go!  After a long holiday weekend it is always tough to dive back into work.  There is a lot going on in the Land Group these days so it’s hard to even know where to start sometimes.  Here are a couple top of mind projects on the hot list this week.

Doug Williams just started working on more than 1200 acres of new woodland tracts in Delaware.  These tracts should prove to be an excellent opportunity for a hunt club to buy at a reasonable per acre value in DE.  He toured the tracts recently to take pictures and we hope to be getting some deer camera photography back on these sites soon as well.  Reach out to Doug at doug@svnlandgroup.com .

Nick Campanaro (our chief financial officer) continues to hunt and peck for poultry development sites in MD, DE and VA. These coveted land parcels make up the most dynamic aspect of the land market and we work each day in search of these 30 to 50 acres tracts of agricultural land.  We have contracted or sold seven of these farms in the first half of the year and the opportunities to purchase these farms continue to be a challenge.  Let Nick know if you want an evaluation of your land for poultry development, as we have garnered much experience in layout, design and permitting of theses farms.  Recently, per acre values on these small tracts have approached $10k per acre.  Nick can be reached at nick@svnlandgroup.com .

Lately, I have been fishing, writing this blog and hanging out on the tailgate of my truck while my children and their friends go virtually insane in a bouncy house slide/pool!  Yes, these spin off creations putting a pool onto a bouncy slide are worth days of summer entertainment and I highly recommend it to anyone with children.  Just for the record, it also works for the older children (you know who you are) in the middle of the night after the kids are exhausted!

Although I have been playing like a kid or with the kids a lot lately, I did manage to bring a new per acre high for farmland in Snow Hill of over $8200 per acre in June via the sale we recently handled through sealed bid.  This was an outstanding tract of farmland and we were pleased for our client selling the tract and the farm family which ultimately purchased the farm. It is always good to see local agricultural operations continuing to grow.

There is never a slow day for our team and we are looking forward to helping you with your plans during the second half of 2016.  Check us out at svnlandgroup.com and Facebook at SVN LAND GROUP. Thanks again for reading and have a great day.  Onward!




The SVN Land Group is a business unit of SVN Miller Commercial Real Estate formed to focus brokerage and advisory services on land based properties in Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia. SVN Land Group (SLG) brings together brokers and technical advisors with land specialties in agriculture, forestry, residential & commercial development, poultry farms, as well as hunting and conservation oriented properties. The SVN Land Group mission is to provide a lens of experience in land management, renewable energy and land use decisions for the land owner, farmer, investment group and or recreational buyer to reference in making decisions on how to manage existing land based assets or guide future land investments.

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