5:40 AM – November 15, 2016

Good Morning! It has been a few weeks since we did this.  In the warmer days of Summer, I must have had more words.  Lately, I think I have been attempting to consciously or unconsciously preserve them for something that mattered or maybe there have just been too many other people talking lately.  Nevertheless, I am breaking down this morning and drafting a mid-November contribution to the Acreage Blog.  Our local, national, and global communities are undergoing what seems to be immense change some days and keeping these events and outcomes accurately measured in our lives can be overwhelming at times for sure.

I think I am fortunate to have a business focus in land because I can see it, touch it and go take a walk on it.  Without intention originally, I was clearly drawn into this business because I liked dirt and playing outside as a kid.  It is a grounding force figuratively and although many farmers I know will not discuss it in this way, I have heard many of them share similar sentiments.  If landowners and farmers were not deeply connected to the land, how else could you justify driving back and forth for almost endless tracts of time over the same piece of ground, planting, spraying and picking crops?  They are connected and grounded by it.

I work to spend time on the farm or walking a new tract each week because it is a grounding force for me and gives me some time to stop talking (this is tough for me).  Perhaps it is also like Yoda explaining how connected the intangible nature of life is connected to the physical world as Yoda teaches young Luke about the Force. (Dash will love that I just referenced Star Wars!) My Buddy Doug gets it as he spends hours in a deer stand simply watching the critters.  I am on to you Doug; I know how many deer you have harvested versus the time spent.  I get it.

This is the best time of year to walk your land or grab your family and friends for one of the many public lands we have in the region (The National Wildlife Refuge at Chincoteague is teaming this time of year with wintering waterfowl). No matter how we make the connection, I believe we each get grounding from the dirt from a tractor, a walk on the beach or sitting in a duck blind watching the sunrise.

Speaking of Sunrise, the sun has started to creep in my den, so the stirring in the house is happening now.  I will wrap this up.  In the context of today’s politics and world events, I think each of us can gain insight if we look down at the dirt we are standing and gain some perspective.  We are a snapshot in time literally and the dirt beneath us has been here for millenniums and will be long after our next news cycle stops.  Enjoy your day and take a walk, it will be a good thing.

Be Well!


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