6:35 AM – September 12, 2016

Good morning. The official sunrise is 7 minutes from now according to my Dark Skies app (A cool weather App).  It is cool 66 degrees outside and incredibly quiet in Downtown Salisbury.  I drove into work as the house started to wake up or “explode” depending on your perspective.  After giving the six year old a pep talk for her day and second week of school, she told me to go to work.  Taking that cue, I figured I better roll.

We are officially not on summer schedule now and in honor of Summer 2016, I provided an early morning beach picture from Sullivan’s Island. I am confident the tide and wind are working to make the day start peacefully in South Carolina and someone in downtown Charleston just walked into their office to start their week and a farmer out along the Ashley River is cutting corn today, just as my friend from Newark is doing today down along Chincoteague Bay.

It’s quiet and that is a real thing, considering how hard it is to find “quiet” most of the time.  Yesterday was one which no one of our generation will forget.  We saw the world change forever in both personal and global ways.

It was a cool, clear and bright morning on September 11, 2001, not unlike today.  There are no words I can add to the millions of words which have been said about the gravity of that day.  I think it is important however, to be mindful of the quiet moments we receive and remain grateful for the opportunity to walk the beach, hop on the tractor or make it into the office as the sunrise reaches us each day.  Onward!


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